The courtyard of Beit al Taybeh

Your opportunity to stay in Petra

There is growing attention for the rose-red city Petra, as it will soon reach the milestone of a million visitors. As a result there will be a I growing demand for places to stay in Petra. I am just so happy that I can introduce our new accommodation that we’ve opened in spring 2019. It is called Beit al Taybeh, the house of Taybeh. As you could guess, it’s located in Taybeh, the first village when you leave Wadi Musa via the Kings Highway. In the direction of Wadi Rum and Aqaba.


We found out about this beautiful house, built out of local sandstone blocks and juniper wood, in March. Mesmerised by the serenity and tranquillity of this ancient family house, we couldn’t let it go.

History of Beit al Taybeh

The house was built as a family house in 1947. It has a garden with a panoramic view over the Tibn valley. The rooms are arranged around the courtyard. The house was built on two levels, as it is on the lower slope of the village of Taybeh. At that time each room was the home of a couple and their children. As the children grew up and started to have children themselves, they moved out and built their houses in the village of Taybeh. Now there are about 90 family members. So some of the 18 owners, and oldest members of the family, actually lived there when they were kids.

Having had the good experience of running our Bed & Breakfast Petra Fig Tree Villa, we decided to give this family house a new life as a guesthouse. To share this special place with you, our guests! Within a month, we turned the rooms into guest rooms, without changing the ancient style and atmosphere. The doors made out of juniper wood, the cream-coloured sandstone rocks and the fig tree in the courtyard are all still there.  Meanwhile, we started promoting the guesthouse, and as a result, we welcomed our first guest in Beit al Taybeh Guesthouse halfway April 2019.

Welcome to Beit al Taybeh Guesthouse, your place to stay in Petra

Maybe you can be our next guest!

Will you stay in the romantic Juniper room? Or the cosy Qantara family room? Or....?

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The Qantara room in Beit al Taybeh, where to stay in Petra