Pumpkin and Ginger also live in B&B Petra Fig Tree Villa

Ginger and Pumpkin the cats of bed and breakfast Petra Fig Tree Villa

Here you see Ginger and Pumpkin, in their daily job. Relishing  life after a good breakfast while they enjoy the nice view on the garden.

Staying in Petra Fig Tree Villa with cat allergy

Good to know when you’re planning to stay in the bed and breakfast is that Pumpkin and Ginger also live here. So if you are allergic to cats, maybe this is not the place to be.

We keep them out of the guest rooms but off course they spend some of their time in the rest of the house. However we do have guests with allergies.  Therefore they just take their allergy pill and are fine. And some don’t even notice the presence of the cats. The interesting thing is that I am allergic to cats. When I’m in the Netherlands at my brothers house, where three cats are running around, I get all the allergic reactions. But here however, no itchy running nose, no watery eyes, no itch on my palate.

But maybe you are a cat lover and probably they are an extra reason for you to choose to stay here.  So in addition I will tell you a bit more about them.

Ginger from Petra

Ginger was found by Italian tourist. Or be more precise, he followed them in the Siq after their visit to the Treasury at Petra by Night. They took him to their hotel and fed him some milk. 

The next morning they brought him to the horse hospital where Emad, the vet nurse, took care of him. To prepare him with the needed vaccinations to travel to Italy. Consequently he needed to wait three months before the blood test for the Rabies test. I offered to host him for these months and fell in love with him. And Pumpkin too! Long story short, he didn’t go to Italy and the three of us are still happy together!

Two cats, Ginger and Pumpkin, as young cats in Petra Fig Tree Villa

Pumpkin from Zeitoen

Shortly after Ginger came living here a friend of mine asked if I could take care of a little kitten. Her neighbours’ children found him in a big pipe. I was not planning to have cats, let alone two cats! But when I saw him, this little hairy thing with huge ears I was lost.

Certainly he was too young to be away from his mum so the first weeks he spent a lot of time inside my cardigan to keep warm. And Ginger took over the mother’s role and taught him to wash his paws after dinner!

Pumpkin as tiny kitten washing his little paw

Both are born in the wild from a stray mother. So their behaviour can be unpredictable. So it’g good to take that in account when you meet them in the B&B. If you’d like to see more of these two lazy sweethearts you can have a look on their instagram account We are Ginger and Pumpkin.