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Make your own silver ring in the Nabataean Ladies workshop in Wadi Musa|Petra

Make your own silver ring with the Nabataean Ladies in Wadi Musa|Petra

My two nieces were visiting Jordan during their spring holiday. And that happened to be in between their birthdays. So I wanted to get them a special gift. And I thought of the Nabataean Ladies Cooperative. Their workshop annex silver shop is just a short walk from the B&B. As a result I took them there to make their own birthday present. A silver ring!

Melting the silver and cupper during the silver workshop with the Nabataean ladies in Petra
Flattening the silver in the silverworkshop with the Nabataean Ladies in Petra

First they melted the little silver and copper grains. Fawziya was there to explain how to do this. Then they pressed the silver into a thin cable. That is the base of the ring. Then it’s time to be precise, bend the silver to a circle and get the right size for your ring before you cut it.

Fawziya bends the silver into a ring during the workshop in the Nabataean ladies Cooperation.

The next step is to make two even circles and close them. Followed by the sanding and polishing.

The two rings ready to be polished in the silver workshop the Nabataean Ladies Cooperation.

And the result; for each of them a beautiful ring to memorialise their visit to Petra, Jordan! And off course their birthdays!

Bring home your own designed ring or pendant from Petra

Are you going to visit Petra soon? Would you like to bring a special souvenir? To memorialise your Jordan journey. You can make your own special ring or pendant at The Nabataean ladies workshop. They would love to welcome you and lead you through the ring or pendant making proces. So fill in the contact form and I will send you all details. Or have a look at the Facebook page of the ladies!

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