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View on the Royal tombs in Petra with afternoon light

How to get to Petra by foot from bed and breakfast Petra Fig Tree Villa


The first look on the Treasury, Petra Jordan

Jordan is a safe haven in the Middle East and more and more people are planning their visit to Jordan.

Some are inspired by the New 7 Wonders of the World. As Petra was chosen one of them, 12 years ago, in the world’s first global election. Others just know, since they heard about Petra, that one day, they want to visit this hidden secret. So a visit to Petra is often the main goal of their Jordan journey.

And I can imagine! As I remember my first visit to Petra. On a fresh and sunny January day I explored the Rose city in awe.

Walked through the siq, and every step brought me closer to the hidden gem, the Treasury!

Climbed up the stairs to the Monastery where we had tea with an old Bedouin and (probably) his granddaughter. On the way back we took the high path along the Byzantine Church towards the Royal tombs. Dark clouds above the Al Khubta mountains combined with the low afternoon sun, lighted up these ancient facades. Breathtaking. Do I need to say more?

And now I host my guests in the vicinity of this mesmerising ‘lost city’. Bed and breakfast Petra Fig Tree Villa is just 700 meters, as the crow flies, from the visitors centre of Petra.
From the B&B it’s easy to go to Petra on foot.  It’s all downhill, passing by the Nabataean Ladies Cooperative to the stairs. These lead to the Tourist street. At the end you get to the entrance of Petra. It won’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes. 

Hike from Petra Fig Tree Villa to Petra ia the stairs

Uphill is another story…
And if you have a rental car, just roll down the hill to the car park (still free) and be happy to find your wheels waiting for you at the end of the day!


My daughter and I were for two nights at Jolanda’s B&B in Petra. Nice big room and beautiful shadow terrace overlooking Petra and Wadi Musa. From Jolanda’s place it is an easy walk to the entrance of Petra.


On walking distance from the visitors centre of Petra. Back to the bed and breakfast is a little climb. You can choose to go up by taxi, after a day of hiking in the ancient city.

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Abu Fadi pointing the way to hike to the start of the climb up to the Monastery from Little Petra

Updated 11 September 2022

Hiking into Petra via the back road from Little Petra to the Monastery

If you have two days (and in my opinion that is the minimum) to visit Petra it is certainly a great idea to enter the second day via the back road. It starts in the Little Petra area and you enter Petra at the Monastery. On the way up you have beautiful views over the Wadi Araba desert. And you can enjoy a cup of tea with the Bedouin lady who you’ll meet on the way up.

Hike the back road on your 2nd Petra day

This morning Abu Fadi came to pick up my guests Louis and Alex and I joined them on their transfer to Little Petra. First we dropped their car at the Petra parking. As a result their car is waiting for them when they come back. No need to climb up the hill when they get out of Petra. Secondly Alex went to buy their ticket from the Visitor’s centre as you do need a ticket when you enter via the back road.

The ride to the start of the back road

And off we went, over the winding road to Little Petra. During the ride Abu Fadi shared some stories about Petra. On the way we saw the Elephant that has been there for ages!
It’s about six kilometers on the paved road. After that the bumpy ride started on the dirt road. There was another short stop as Abu Fadi spotted the first camel! Another oldtimer!
A little further Abu Fadi stopped and stepped out of the car to point the way to the ticket booth at the start of the hike.

Start of hiking the back road from Little Petra, all the way up to the Monastery in Petra

And off they went. Ma’as salama! Have a nice hike up to the Monastery!

Looking for a transfer to the start of the back road?

It’s best to park your car at the Petra parking and have a transfer to the start of the hike. When you get out of Petra, your car is waiting for you!

If you like I can get you in touch with a taxi driver to take you there. Just fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch.


In the blog they guests had a drop off by a 4WD at Kharoub al Fedja. After the maintenance in the summer of 2022 the new start of the back road hike is from the parking area in Little Petra (Beidha). Here you can read about the two options to hike the Back Road hike. Happy hiking!

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