Stay with your fellow country(wo)man in Jordan

So nice to be in the item ‘Logeren bij landgenoten’ in the June 2018 edition of the Dutch magazine Plus!


When I stay with my parents I thumb through this magazine for Seniors about health, lifestyle, food, money and… culture and traveling!! One and a half year ago, my father pointed out this item and suggested that it would be great if B&B Petra Fig Tree Villa would be featured. And you see, an email later and the power of patience, gave this result!

Bed and breakfast Petra Fig tree Villa in Jordan item Plus magazine stay with your fellow country(wo)men Jolanda Koopman
Be the guest of your fellow country-(wo)man in… Jordan. Jolanda Koopman (48) decided to move to Jordan about four years ago after she was volunteering in Jordan and fell in love with the country and… with a man. She started her B&B Petra Fig Tree Villa in a huge house on a hill with a big garden in the front and the back. “A lovely place to share with guests who come to visit the nearby historic village of Petra” says Jolanda. “It’s quiet and peaceful. I understand why the Nabateans choose this location to carve out their city in the rose red sandstone”. And with Jolanda, the sun is almost always shining, even in wintertime!