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Hike the Jordan Trail

Hiking  in  JordanGuest of B&B Petra Fig Tree Villa Hiking in Petra, Jordan

Hiking is such a good way to explore a country, meet their people and experience nature. From the lush and green northern pearls of Jordan to the dry and wide desert of Wadi Rum and the Red Sea in the South. Especially with all these different landscapes and habitats, hiking in Jordan gives you the opportunity to discover them. There are many hiking trails for active hikers to explore.

The Jordan Trail

This long distance trail takes you from the far north of Jordan in Um Qais to the Red Sea in Aqaba. The trail is split up in 35 separate trails with three extra trails. Due to that you need at least a long holiday in Jordan to walk the whole trail.

On the other hand, you can also just pick one of the trails and hike for one day. What to think of the Iraq al Amir hike to Husban? And spend the night in Town of Nebo Hotel with a delicious dinner. If you like to hike another day, you can hike to Mount Nebo and further south to oyoun-al-theeb.

Looking for longer hikes? Have a look at for example the four day hike from Dana to Petra, or the five day hike from Petra to Wadi Rum.

Have your overnights in the houses of locals along the way! Here you can taste the local food and experience the way of life of a Jordanian family.

B&B Petra Fig Tree Villa is one of these homes where you can put your head to rest after a strenuous and fulfilling day of hiking!

It’s up to you!  Have your dinner and stay in B&B Petra Fig Tree Villa and Happy hiking!

More information about the hiking trails of the Jordan Trail you’ll find here. You can just do a few stages or hike the entire trail!