Back road hike closed in the summer of '22

From the 10th of May 2022 the Back road hike is closed until the 1st of September 2022. Also the Al Madras trail is closed. And no access allowed via the service entrance from Um Sayhoun.

Hike the Back road to the Monastery

Take the scenic, off the beaten track, hiking trail up to the Monastery from Beidah (Little Petra). You can do this hike perfectly on your own. However, to learn more about Petra, nature and bedouin life it’s a good idea to hire a guide to accompany you on your way up. He will guide you along small white domes of sandstone, an ancient Nabataean dam, a rock balcony and the Bronze age settlement Umm Saysaban. Enjoy the marvellous views over Wadi Araba before hiking up the ancient Nabataean steps to reach the plateau. 

Back road hike to the Monastery

Once up on the plateau the Monastery will reveal itself to you!
Don’t forget to climb up behind the little restaurant to get to the view point to enjoy the view over the huge canyon of Wadi es Siyyagh.
From the Monastery you can take the main trail down into Petra by the Basin.


Moderate (according to the site of the Jordan Trail). If you have fear of heights there can be a little part where you want the guide to help you cross (by maybe just holding your hand or walk between you and the valley), although the rock terrace is ‘improved’ a few years ago for the safety of the hikers.

Length of the hike

The walk takes about 1,5 to 2 hours from the porte cabin at the side of the road in Little Petra (locally known as Kharoub al Fedja) up to the Monastery. The guide will leave you at the Monastery and you can go on with exploring Petra by going down the 800 something stairs. A ticket for Petra is needed when you take the back road hike!

Looking for a guide and a transfer for the Back road hike?

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In addition, we can also help you out if you only need a transfer to the start of the hike.

Don’t forget that you need a ticket for Petra to do this hike!

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