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Get inspired by a horse session

Get inspired through a horse session

Horse coaching by equine coach Sandra Jelly via B&B Petra Fig Tree Villa in Petra, Jordan

By intuitively reflecting your being, horses invite you to soften your body, connect from the heart, quieten your mind and communicate from the soul. Hence they lead you to that quiet authentic space of expanded awareness and harmony. Horses allow you to be in the moment. They immediately reflect a change in being hence inspiring you to transform your reality.

Individual horse wisdom session by Sandra Jelly,
in the large paddock at the stable in Little Petra: 55 JOD.

Transportation to the farm is not included in the price.
Transportation back and forth: 16 JOD.

One of the guests of the B&B had a session with Sandra and this is her experience:

Christine – nurse

The coaching with Sandra and her 3 majestic horses was one of compassion, insight, and above all, laughter. I felt that the with Sandra’s expert guidance, the horses were truly able to sense my intention, and helped to ameliorate the aspect of my being that I chose to focus on in my session . It was magical, inspirational, and enlightening. The best part came at the end, when I was lovingly encircled in a group horse hug- a first for me! I think everyone can truly benefit from this wonderfully therapeutic and healing experience, the only prerequisites are an open heart and an open mind.

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