Chair massage after your Petra visit

Walking in Petra, with heavy bottles of water in your back pack, will cost you some blood, sweat and tears. You will feel your legs and schoulders in the morning after your first Petra day. Off course it’s worth every step you take, thus energy well spent! Above all, I can help you to ease the muscle pain and top up your energy level!

Wouldn't it be great to have a massage after a day of hiking in Petra?

Just take a seat at the special chair to get relaxed and refreshed in 15 minutes. It will get your energy level up again and, after a glass of replenishing water (or herbal tea), you are ready for your next visit to Petra. (For example you could take the Back road on your second day. Start from Little Petra in the north to enter Petra at the Monastery, the tallest facade in the rose red city. Here you can read about the logistics for the Back Road hike.)

What is a chair massage?

It’s a massage where you sit on the special ergonomic chair. This chair supports your whole body and you can let go of all the tension in your muscles. I give the massage over the clothing and almost everybody can enjoy this kind of massage.  The massage is based on a traditional Japanese sequense of acupressure points. This sequence follows the  neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, hips and head. The chair massage stimulates the blood circulation. After the massage you will feel relaxed, revived and energised.


Chair massage by certified TouchPro ® masseur

You are in good hands when you enjoy a massage in my B&B as I am a TouchPro licensed masseur for almost 10 years now. In my last job we had a chair massage every two weeks. This was such a good experience as it was both relaxing as reviving. When I was making plans to move to Jordan, I thought of learning to give this chair massage myself. To offer it to Petra visitors, after a long day of hiking.

After the training, 100 practise massages, another training day and an exam, I received my certificate. Thus since 2014 I am a TouchPro ® licensee. My professionalism is maintained by attending an intervision training every year. 

The chair massage takes 15 minutes. The price is 10 JOD per person.  Available by appointment only.

How did other guests experience the chair massage?

“The chair massage was the cherry on top and was exactly what I needed after a long hike. It was super relaxing and I truly felt rejuvenated.”


” I already had many massages and even am a certificated masseuse myself… and this was heaven. In already 2 minutes I was so relaxed. I can recommend this to everyone.”

Goele B.