Hike up to the tomb on Mount Haroun

Hiking to Mount Haroun in Petra Jordan

One of the many hikes in Petra goes all the way up to the top of Jabal Haroun, also known as Mount Hor. It’s the highest peak in the Petra region. To give you a good impression of this hike you can read the survey of the B&B guests David and Manou who climbed all the way up to the tomb!

Mount Haroun; a heavenly colorful experience

“On the third day of our visit to Petra, the hike to Mount Haroun (1350m) was on the program. After strolling through Petra, we were very much looking forward to the hike. We longed for beautiful views and to be one with nature. We met our guide Niall at the Treasury inside Petra. We started walking up the mountain in a relaxed pace. At the beginning of the trip we already had beautiful views of Petra. While hiking, Niall told us all the things we were seeing on the way, pointing to flowers, the colors of the stones and the special lizards. During our trip, we are invited for tea by Bedouins. The hospitality was great.”

Hike with Niall to Mount Haroun, Petra, Jordan

“Niall led us to the summit blindly and after two hours we reached the top, many views richer. The top offers beautiful views of the surrounding area. It was very impressive.”

Tomb of Haroun

“The very last meters to the top we climbed – without guide – with a key in our hand. The key we got from Niall, gave us access to the white dome with the tomb of Moses’s brother, prophet Aaron. The white dome can be seen from almost every point around Petra, also from B&B Petra Fig Tree Villa. While we explored the tomb and enjoyed the view, Niall made our lunch which tasted amazing.”

View from Mount Haroun during hike in Petra, Jordan


“On our way back, we walked along various colorful rocky walls and saw pink, red, yellow, blue and white rocks. If you rub your fingers with it, you have beautiful ‘eye shadow’, as the locals call it. The sandstone contains a lot of iron oxide, which is what makes the rock so beautiful. Our walk ended in the cave of our guide. We enjoyed the tea and the view, which was absolutely fantastic. Many cups of tea later we said goodbye to Niall and thanked him for this very special, heavenly experience.”

The hike
Mount Haroun is part of the mountainous area around Petra. The landscape is dry, rocky and abandoned. The hike is not signposted. If you are not an experienced hiker a guide is strongly advised for walking this tour.

The tour is good for sporty hikers with some (mountain) hiking experience. Your condition must be good.

Length of the hike
The walk takes about 5 to 6 hours in total, starting from the Theater in Petra and finishing on the colonnaded street, including breaks. A ticket for Petra is needed.

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