7 Tips for hiking Wadi Ghuweir in Jordan

Petra is not the only highlight in Jordan! If you are in to hiking, you could visit Jordan for an adventurous journey.  There are so many hiking trails to choose from when you are visiting this safe haven in the Middle East. The Back road hike to the Monastery in Petra, the Jebel Haroun trail or part of the Jordan trail.

Another option is a full day hike through Wadi Ghweir, in the southern part of Jordan. And one hour north of Wadi Musa|Petra. It’s especially good for hiking in warm weather as there’s a meandering stream in this trail.

Palestine Sunbird flying over the Oleander

I did this hike in the spring of 2012 with my parents in a small group. We saw frogs, birds, butterflies and dragonflies. It is so beautiful and peaceful. We enjoyed it to the max!

Butterfly on the pebbles during hike

Tips and tricks for hiking Wadi Ghuweir

Entrance of the canyon

About two weeks ago I had a guest, Milica, who wanted to explore Wadi Ghuweir. She was traveling on her own and asked if I could help her out with a reliable guide and a transfer. So I organised the transfers and the guide. She was picked up from the bed and breakfast in the morning around 7.30. The guide was picked up on the way and in about an hour she arrived at the start of the hike, close to Mansoura.

Hiking in Wadi Ghuweir with oleanders alongside

Depending on the season, sooner or later a small stream starts when you are hiking in the canyon. Tall bushes of deep pink oleander accompany you on the trail. There are also narrows parts, where you walk in the shade and there are even some challenging parts where you need a helping hand to go over the big boulders and wade through the water.

Palm trees and a blue sky in Wadi Ghuweir photo credits Milica

There are green lush parts with palm trees and the walls are covered by hanging plants. And open parts where the sun is burning on your head. The hike is a one way trail and one of the possibilities is to be picked up again in the Wadi Araba area.

Prepare yourself with these 7 tips

Milica sent me some feedback to share with you. This way you can prepare yourself for your hike in this luscious wadi.

  • Wear (teva) sandals because big part of the hike you walk in the water.
  • If you feel you need more support (I hurt my ankle for example), take hiking boots and jump from stone to stone (as my guide did).
  • Take sun protection especially for your head.
  • Bring enough water for 7 hours of hiking.
  • It’s an easy to medium hike. You have to be used to hiking. Some parts need some climbing. It’s well doable & a good guide will be able to help.
  • Be sure that your pickup is somewhere close. There’s no service in the wadi & when we called our pickup, he just started out of wadi musa. We waited an hour for him. In the heat.
  • Remind people to take their trash with them.

The nature is fantastic.

Wonderful photo opportunities. Recommended for nature photographers.


If you’d like to hike this trail, just send me a message and I’ll be happy to organise this beautiful day trip for you.

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